Dogs on Film

Early video footage of dogs in Antarctica, plus Scott Base dog handlers tell stories from their time on the ice.

Vaida, a dog on the Terra Nova expedition. Canterbury Museum 1975.289.396

Dogs on the Terra Nova and Endurance expeditions

Historic footage of sledge dogs on Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova expedition (1910–13) and Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition (1914–1917). No known copyright restrictions

Admiral Byrd and the Dogs of His Expeditions

A short film featuring footage from Admiral Richard E Byrd's Antarctic expeditions. Courtesy of The Ohio State University Archives

Dogs at Scott Base

Frank Graveson, who worked with sledge dogs at Scott Base in Antarctica, remembers the canine characters he met on the ice.

Dog Handling at Scott Base

Former Scott Base dog handler Peter Cleary recall some of his adventures in Antarctica.